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Voosh Performance continually optimizes your PC performance settings with patented technology to unlock its maximum peak performance. Now for Gamers!

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Supercharge Performance

Patented Active Continuous Optimization (ACO)® technology keeps your computer running at top performance.
(US Patent: 8,438,378)

Safe Enhancement

Extensively lab-researched to safely enhance your settings for disk, network, memory, and microprocessor performance, with revertible settings upon uninstall.

Faster Web Browsing

Our network optimization technology unlocks capabilities in your network hardware to decrease download times for email, websites, streaming movies, and other Internet use.

Easy To Use

So simple to use that most users install, scan, and notice a performance improvement in as little as 30 minutes.

Quicker Startup

Significantly decreases the startup and reboot time of your PC.

Optimized for Your PC

Automatically updates to be compatible with the latest Windows® releases.

how it works

Voosh Performance, geared for the consumer PC, uses the patented Voosh Active Continuous Optimization (ACO) engine (US Patent: 8,438,378) that is already deployed for large-scale enterprise servers and business office desktops through our Voosh Enterprise Division, relied upon by many top companies worldwide to speed up their computers and network configuration. Now we bring this exciting technology to your home PC!

Step 1:

Scan Your PC

Voosh Performance conducts safe, extensive throughput tests that temporarily challenge the capability of your PC in order to find the most optimal settings based on your hardware and software capabilities.

Step 2:

Optimize Your Settings

Choose to allow Voosh Performance to apply these recommended and safely-researched changes to your PC settings. But that's just the beginning...

Step 3:

Active Continuous Optimization (ACO)

Voosh Performance now watches your application and network usage and continually applies safely-researched changes to your PC settings while you work, getting better over time, and constantly adapting to newly discovered changes to your daily routine.

How Voosh Performance Is Different

Some PC optimization products focus solely on the cleaning aspect of your PC and call this a performance enhancement, which may only be very marginal, although is largely exaggerated in their marketing. Voosh Performance is completely different — using patented technology, it actually analyzes and improves your system settings using lab-researched, safe settings changes. Voosh Performance brings you the same improvements that many worldwide businesses use in their office desktop and enterprise server environments, now available for consumer use.


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