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Kevin Cornell

Kevin Cornell
Founder and CEO

Windows PC's have a richness of capabilities that are masked because all systems are shipped so that they work with the slowest, oldest components still in circulation. Why? To minimize potential support issues for Microsoft. Voosh continuously tunes your PC to your environment, maximizing the speed of your network, cpu, disc while watching and learning how you use your PC.

Certified by IBM, Microsoft and Citrix it delivers on optimizing your remote/home computing environment using patented AI technology. If you have multiple PC’s using the same network you need Voosh.

Voosh your computer today and we’ll let you activate the same license on up to five separate PCs!

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How it works

Voosh Performance, geared for the consumer PC, uses the patented Voosh Active Continuous Optimization (ACO) engine (US Patent: 8,438,378) that is already deployed for large-scale enterprise servers and business office desktops through our Voosh Enterprise Division, relied upon by many top companies worldwide to speed up their computers and network configuration. Now we bring this exciting technology to your home PC!

Step 1:

Scan Your PC

Voosh Performance conducts safe, extensive throughput tests that temporarily challenge the capability of your PC in order to find the most optimal settings based on your hardware and software capabilities.

Step 2:

Optimize Your Settings

Choose to allow Voosh Performance to apply these recommended and safely-researched changes to your PC settings. But that's just the beginning...

Step 3:

Active Continuous Optimization (ACO)

Voosh Performance now watches your application and network usage and continually applies safely-researched changes to your PC settings while you work, getting better over time, and constantly adapting to newly discovered changes to your daily routine.





Here is What You'll Discover!


  • Your computer will be optimized every 5 hours while running...
  • Or every time you connect to a different network at home, work or on the road...
  • The computer will be balanced to provide the best overall performance dynamically based on how you use the PC...
  • It'll even reclaim the 20% bandwidth that Microsoft silently reserves for its own use on YOUR machine...
  • And almost 250 different settings to optimize!


What our users are saying

Don't take our word for it... look at a few of the many raving reviews we have received:

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My Personal Pledge

I pledge that we'll make your purchase and use of Voosh Performance as easy as we possible can! I'd love to hear about your performance improvements and any suggestions, questions or problems.

Contact me at Kevin@vooshperformance.com

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